Tea Trade Café is an arm of Women At Risk, International, and serves as an outstanding job training program right here in West Michigan. Women At Risk, International, or WAR, unites and educates to create circles of protection around those at risk through culturally sensitive, value-added intervention projects. Tea Trade works as one of these projects, helping women receive valuable life skills in a comfortable, safe environment that will help them reclaim independence on their road of empowerment.

Our Mission

Your cup of coffee provides barista training and job skills

Dream. Big.

Every 20 cups of coffee purchased provides one day in a safe house.

Dream. Big.

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Coffee with a Cause.

Women at Risk

How is Tea Trade Cafe Different

We’re serving coffee to West Michigan with a cause, not just caffeine! We are a job training program to help women (and men!) learn important barista skills along with other valuable lessons. Our latte art may not be the prettiest, but you can rest assured your cup of coffee or tea is always serving a greater purpose.

What is WAR (Women At Risk, International)?

WAR is an international non-profit who is present in over 50 countries with a focus on empowering women to realize their value and worth through culterally sensitive programs, many of which focus on survivors of, or those at risk of human trafficking.

Why Job Training?

We view job training as a barista in our Grandville, Michigan cafe as an important program for women and men in West Michigan. Skills attained through being a barista at the cafe include but aren’t limited to customer service, hospitality and food service practice, familiarity with currency, and improved English skills. Our hope is that all program participants eventually feel empowered to seek other jobs to continue their growth, but it is always on their time and comfort levels.


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